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Name: Venus  Age: 24

Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Story: There are girls which I like cuming inside of them and then there are girls which I LOVE cuming in them. Venus is a dream cum true for me. I have been wanting to fuck her and cum inside her since the very first day I saw her and finally, after almost a year of trying, I got her!!

Venus used to be a Penthouse cover girl who is now working on her own website. I knew of her for the longest time but it was hard to get a hold of her because of her schedule. But last week I had the chance to take her out to eat, wine her a little, and then tell her about what I had in mind.

Turns out she really liked the idea of creampies since she doesn't get to do it often and we decided to take some pictures that same night. I had my cameras ready and I tried to do her outdoors but it was so early in the evening we had to go back to my place. She sucked my cock on my way home and once there she started telling me how much she wanted to get fucked and filled with cum.

So in no time I was doing this girl and fantasizing about impregnating her. I fucked her over and over until midnight and you can see on the pictures and videos how huge of a load I had for her. After the video, I scooped the cum back into her pussy and used it as lubrication to fuck her more. I came inside her 3 times that night.


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