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Name: Summer Long
Age: 18
From: Florida

The Story: I first met Summer in August last year when I was in Florida for the webmasters convention, which every year seems like there are more guys showing and less girls.. but anyway, I met Summer back then and I ended up doing a threesome with her and my friend John and we had a great time with her. She wanted to do her own site, videos, etc, etc. And she wanted to come to California to be an "actress", so we kept in touch and when I was back in Florida couple of months later, I ended up hooking up with her in Orlando.

She came over to the hotel where I was staying, right by Universal Studios, and I was excited to not only fuck her but cum inside her since I didn't get a chance to on my first time. And after a few hours of arriving, Summer arrived at my place.

And I have to say that her looks changed in just the few months that I had not seen her. It seemed to me like she had been out partying and not getting enough sleep, so we hung out for a while and suggested she take a nap. And she did, and before she was finished napping, I started to play ass and pussy and I fucked her a bit while she was half as sleep. Then she woke up with my cock inside her and we fucked like that for a while but I didn't cum with her just yet. After that, I started to take pictures of her and I did this video with her. And although I enjoyed fucking her, for some odd reason, it seemed like it was a lot more enjoyable the first time. I am not sure if it was all the partying that she had been doing that made her appear different to me or what. But nonetheless, I fucked her enough that day and I ended up cumming couple of times. I gave her a copy of the pictures and the video for her site project, but I actually doubt the site will ever go up.


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