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Name: Sophie
Age: 22
From: Washington

The Story: Sophie is a hot babe I met over the internet after one of the members of the site forwarded me her profile online. She had done some webcam stuff and the pictures I saw of her were really hot, so I started to email her and engage her in a chat. I told her I really wanted to feature her on my site but she was hesitant because she was afraid someone she knew would find out. Which is perfectly understandable. However, I told her if someone saw her on my site, they would be as guilty for looking at it in the first place. So she thought about it and we ended up meeting on my last trip to Florida in person. Once I was able to talk to her face to face, she felt much better about it so she told me she would think about it.

After couple of weeks, she gave me a call and told me she wanted to try it out. But since I was already back home in California, I had to send her a plane ticket for her to fly out here and spend a few days here to vacation. And I made this video of her the day after she got here from Florida. I fucked her the night before right after she arrived and I really enjoyed fucking her. She has an ass and big tits too, and most importantly just loves to fuck. She told me she wasn't sure how she was going to do on camera since it made her a bit nervous, but I told her I would be able to relax her and I did. Before doing anything, I went down on her and made her forget there was a video camera in the room. And she got so much into it that she came without a problem while I was licking her. And after that, I just started to fuck her on and off for like 3 hours and I ended up cumming several times for her. After the video, I showed her around the city a bit and I kept on doing her until the day she went home. And I just hope nobody that she knows finds her here because otherwise she is going to be freaking out.


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