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Name: Sara Blue Age: 20

The Story: I met Sara thru Jennifer Dark (they are very good friends) and boy am I thankful to Jen for introducing me to her. We went out for dinner while I was in Prague and Sara was really friendly from the second we met. Jennifer knew we had hit it off well so she basically left us alone.

I then took her back to my place and we started making out on our way over there. I actually did not want to take pictures of our first time getting together but I ended up taking them anyways. She was already very wet and she basically wanted to fuck right away but I took my time and took some modeling pictures of her first.

Then after a few minutes, I pulled out my cock and she started sucking it. She was really horny after sucking me off for a minute, she turned around and ask me to fuck her pink pussy. I fucked her so good and she was loving every minute of it too.

She alternated between getting fucked and sucking my cock, apparently she enjoys tasting her own juices, and after fucking her for almost an hour, I ended up cummin deep inside her pussy. After the first cumshot, I turned off the lights and the camera and just kept on fucking her till later at night.

Girls like Sara make me want to move to Europe.



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