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Name: Natalie  Age: 21

The Story:  Natalie is a hot chick I met thru one of my ads for models on the internet. She had replied to me a long time ago but when I was in Europe in the summer she was on vacation in Italy. So on this trip, we finally got to meet.

Since the first time I saw her, I wanted to cum in her. I must have jerked off at least half a dozen times while corresponding with her. Not sure what it was but there is a look that she has that makes me fantasize about impregnating her. I didn't tell her that of course, but I told her that if we did a shoot we would have to have sex and that I would have to cum inside her. She was scared at first but I told her it would be ok since I have all the health tests, vaccines etc, etc. (If you ever want to creampie lots of girls, get a full panel std test, it does wonders).

We first met for coffee when I got there and I showed her some of the girls I had on my site. She was happy and excited about it so I took her back to my room right away. We took some "modeling" pictures first and after taking couple of sets, we started to fuck around.

Natalie has a nice beautiful pink pussy and hot body and fucking her felt really good. In fact, I almost nutted in her in the first five minutes. But I slowed down my pace and fucked her slowly for a while but after 30 minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore and I had to cum inside that wet pussy. I had been fantasizing about it for months and actually doing it was an achievement for me.. man I wish I lived in the middle ages when harems were permitted. I would have hundreds of chicks like her and would knock up each one of them..




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