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Name: Nancy Sweet
Age: 20
From: Europe

The Story: Nancy is the first girl I creampied when I was in Europe on my most recent trip there, which was later in November. A good friend over there hooked me up with her and I actually didn't even get to talk to her much before meeting her. She knew this was for my site, and that's all she needed to know as she loved the idea of being exposed. Nancy works at the equivalent of Macy's over there, and the night that we met, she came over right after getting off from work. Which was actually kind of more exciting for me (I have a thing for girls with regular lives that are secretly slutty/sexual).

So once she got to bar at the hotel (drinking age is 18 over there), we had couple of drinks and we talked about her job and what I did. She told me that as long as these pictures/videos would be posted in English speaking countried and not hers, she would be ok. As she wanted to be slutty but only if people closer to her didn't know. I told her the chances were mininal, and once she felt comfortable about it we went to my room.

I started to make out with her in the elevator on our way up and I was already reach for her pussy, when some hotel guests almost caught us. And once in the room, I took a quick snaps of her naked and I just started to fuck her. She was pecurliar in that she was on the quite side but yet had these facial expressions like she wanted to scream. I fucked her for hours in the room, and I got the first hour or so and my first creampie with her on tape. We then order room service and I fucked until 1am that night. And I wanted to do her again the next day, but I was busy with another girl so we unfortunately did not get a chance to fuck again after that night.. I wish I had another me to help me out.


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