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Name: Melissa Age: 21

The Story: Melissa is a Swiss girl going to school in Eastern Europe for few months. She is originally from Bern and speaks several languages, which was pretty interesting to me. I met her thru a girl that is not featured on the site and it turned out she lived just few minutes walking from where I was staying, so we got to hang out and few times. Not only was Melissa into having a lot of sex but she used to be a gymnast too, so she is very flexible with her body which I found not too long ago to be a big turn on. Now I understand why there are websites out there featuring contortionists and girls doing splits.

Anyway, here she is at my place towards the end of my stay and we did this video. It was the last time I was going to see her for few months, so this was particularly very good in terms of intensity. She basically made sure I went back to visit her in Bern in the summer and I hope she is still single by the time I get back.

I don't really know how long we fucked for but it seemed like a long time since I had my camera on and off. But sex was so good, I wanted it to last all night long with her. I fucked her hard and good and I made sure she came several times. And here is the first time I came with her that night. After fucking her intensely for a while I came in her wet Swiss pussy. I was fantasizing about seeing her pregnant by the time I got back but after the cumshot I came to my senses and started wishing otherwise.. as usual. These creampies I do are so damn conflicting.. and btw, I tend to be thorough when cumming in girls in the US but in Europe and Latin America I tend to relax my own rules a little.. so probably some have gotten pregnant and I don't even know about it.



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