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Name: Madison  Age: 19

The Story: Madison is a girl I met from an online ad for modeling couple of weeks ago. She was visiting in LA and she wanted to try adult modeling. She called me up and I met her the day after.

I had the biggest headache when I went to see her but after talking to her a little bit and seeing that beautiful ass.. and I mean really nice beautiful ass, I forgot about my headache.

I took her to the parking lot near the coffee shop  where I met her and I just started to roll camera right there. We were supposed to just talk that night but since she was ready to go, I took the pics and vids right away. I did a little interview outdoors and after that we went to my place.. while driving, she started fingering herself and started to suck my cock. At one point there was a Bus right next to us and people were getting a kick out of it.

Once at my place, I got her naked to take some pics and basically we just started fucking. Madison was very tight and that ass was just beautiful to look at, it was so round. And after fucking her juicy pussy for a while, I unloaded inside her beautiful pink pussy. She said she was not on B control but it was ok because it was during the safe time.. so she said. I hope she really keeps track of her cycle cause otherwise Im the one who is going to get fucked. This is one of the reasons I prefer to do creampies out of the country.. but at the same time, I don't care, I'll take my chances.



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