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Name: Kelsey  Age: 18

Born: Nashville, Tennese

The Story: Kelsey is a sweet, young and not so innocent girl all the way from Nashville, TN. I met her while surfing the internet for models and she caught my eye because she is so damn cute and sexy and I contacted her. In addition, it just so happens that her mom was a porn star in the late 80's so I was even thinking of putting together and mom and daughter creampie deal (I'm a perv I know) but her mom is fully retired from it. Can you guys imagine a mom/daughter creampie team?!! I could retire after that.

Anyway, it took Kelsey a while to get here to California but we finally met up and she is the type of girl you want to impregnate right away. She has that accent going plus she is very submissive so you can imagine how happen I was to meet her. We first met at her place couple of days before this video and at that time we didn't fuck but I went down on her tight pink pussy. Then we finally found some time to get together so I picked her up and brought her straight home to do this video.

Kelsey told me she liked being told what to do and that she enjoys being with guys that are older (I'm technically old enough to be her dad) and she enjoyed playing the innocent girl so after a few minutes in my place, she was down on her knees giving me some service :) I then licked her pussy again and without wasting much time I started to fuck her tight pussy. "Please spank Sir!!"  she would say knowing that got me fired up so I ended up fucking her pretty hard and with a lot of enthusiasm. And the best part was after fucking her for a long time, she was acting the role of a girl wanting to get pregnant. 'Sir could you please cum inside me so I can get impregnated?".. And I couldn't help myself anymore and I blew a big load inside this cute babe.

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