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Name: Jerri
Age: 20
From: Denver, CO

TheStory: Jerri is a 20 year old girl, originally from Colorado, who likes to go by the name Sailor Jerri because it happens to be her favorite rum as well. Tony found her on an alternative modeling website while browsing around to find a new place to get new girls. There are lots of girls profiled there and most have many tattoos, but Jerri was one of the only ones that did not. Tony wrote to her and asked her if she would be interested in a nude modeling job that would include a candid interview about her sex life. Jerri answered back and said she has no hang-ups about sex or talking about it on camera.

Jerri has a hipster look in addition to being tall and thin; Tony told me he hadn’t photographed a girl with that look before. The shoot went well and then Tony proceeded to film Jerri while asking her very personal sex questions. Besides being open minded, we find out that Jerri likes anal sex and is bisexual; she considers herself to be an 8.5 on a kinky scale. As for oral sex, she likes to equally receive and give so Tony offered to give and see where things would go from there.

True to her word, Jerri returned the oral sex to Tony and was worked up enough to want to get fucked. Tony took Jerri to his bedroom and began to give her a good pounding. While watching the video, I noticed that Jerri orgasmed very hard while riding Tony’s cock and then again right before Tony shot his load into her pussy. I suspect that Jerri didn’t ask Tony to wear a condom because she sensed that him and his female assistant have a thing going and that if he goes bareback with his assistant, it must be ok to go bareback with him as well.

Amateur Creampies

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Amateur Creampies


Amateur Creampies

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