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Name: Jenny Lee
Age: 22
From: South

The Story: Jenny is a very beautiful from Tenesse that I had been in touch with for more than a year. The time she came to visit California, I was overseas on a business trip. I almost went to Tennessee just to meet her but never got around to it. She has been a mainstream model for few years and that is how I first found her. She also swings made it more interesting for me and she is open to trying new things.

So about a month ago she as in town visiting and I drove to the place where she was staying. We ended up talking for hours before we could even get out of her room to get something to drink. She likes attention and like most women, loves to talk. She is pretty down to earth and cool. So after doing that, we went in her car around town for a bit and I took her to a nice place by the beach to have a few drinks. And after more talking over there, I took her back to my place.

Being the model that she is, she wanted to take lots of pictures and stuff. But I just wanted to fuck her. So when we got back, I took a few pics and I started to fuck her. I got carried away because I had been waiting to do her for a long time so I forgot to take some of the pictures that I always take. Also I got a bit distracted because even when we started to fuck, she was still talking. It wasn't until I took her into my room that she stopped talking and started the fucking. I did her good and I did her for a long time. She has a petite tight body and that pussy felt sooo good wrapped around my cock that I couldn't help cumming in her multiple times throughout the night. After that night, we hooked up again couple of times and she told me she wanted to try a gangbang too, so I set  one up for her but I don't think she enjoyed it as much as fucking one on one.


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