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Name: Georgia  Age: 24

Location: Los Angeles

The Story: Last time I was with Georgia was memorable and I wanted to see her soon after that we did the first video but due to boyfriend circumstances I didnít get to see her until just recently completely by chance at a nightclub in Hollywood. I walked right by her and I didnít recognize her because there were so many people there and because she had changed her hair but she tapped me on the shoulder and at a closer look I was very glad to see her again. She told me about her now ex-boyfriend and how he got all mad after finding out she had been on my website, etc, etc. But that she was single again and that she wanted to get together sometime.  

She was with friends that night so she couldnít really leave them but we managed to fool around a little at the bar. So I called her up couple of days after to go out and stuff and ended up bringing her to my place. I was supposed to take her out but she was so horny we didnít have time to and got to fuck around pretty much right away.  I wasnít going to video this but because I knew it was going to be hot and she wanted me to put her on the site again I picked up the camera and started taking video of her here and there while I fucked the hell out of her. 

Georgia loves to sucks cock and that is one thing she did with me for a long time, weíre talking like an half an hour blowjob. And then I when I would fuck her she squirt and cum all over the place, she came so much I donít know how many times she came. In fact, I donít think I have ever had someone on video cum this much and it was great because it turned me on even more. We fucked a lot that afternoon and then we kept on fucking till the next day. I came in her many times and one thing that is really special about her is how she actually orgasms from feeling a creampie, I had never seen it before and I just came in her as much as I could to make her cum and cum..


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