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Name: Evelyn Evermoore
Age: 21
From: Texas

The Story: Evelyn is a girl from Texas who was moving to California temporarily to see how she liked it here. I contacted her thru a modeling website and she was pretty friendly and outgoing, and after telling her about my site and stuff, she told me she wanted to meet me in person first before committing to anything. So after couple of days, we met for drinks at a bar near her place. She was really cool and down to earth and she told me a lot about her past and why she was in LA. And we hit it off well that night. We didn't fuck or anything but we set up another meeting few days after and I fucked her at that time.

Then I made this video a few days after we first fucked. And on this particular video, there was actually a camera man around most of the time expect the sex part, because someone was doing a documentary on models and she was part of it. So I will be in some documentary that has yet to be named. The whole thing kind of distracted me and her a but in the beginning, but once the guy was gone. I was able to enjoy doing her.

We first went to a park nearby and I took some pics of her there. And since she was being playful and wanted to show off, she got on her knees to suck my cock. She sucked my cock really good and I actually almost wanted to cum all over her face there, but I didn't want to "waste" my cum so early. So I held in there. I then took her back to my place, and there I had it all to myself without any distractions and I fucked her the whole afternoon. And I was so into the whole thing, I actually forgot to take the creampie pictures on this one. So the pictures don't tell the whole story. I always make sure I don't get carried away to the point of neglecting the cameras, but I slipped this time.. anyway, I fucked her and came multiple times for her. And we kept on fucking on and off until the end of the year when she left town


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