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Name: Alice Age: 20

Location: Czech Republic

The Story: Alice is a young slut I met at a nightclub in Prague. I told her I was a producer from America and that she had the look for modeling, so she got excited about trying out being fucked on camera.

I told her I had to cum inside her for the video and she said she was ok with it, as she usually enjoys guys pumping her pussy with cum. So after couple of days of meeting her, she came to my place right before her job at the night club.

Alice is on the shy side but yet she enjoys showing off to the world how she fucks. After couple of minutes of coming in to my place, I started to grab her tits and ass and then had her on her knees sucking my cock.

I then bent her over and shoved my cock in her pussy. She wasn't all that wet when I first when in, so it was sort of like a forced entry which kinda excited me even more. And after fucking her for couple of minutes, her juices started to flow. I then fucked her while she still her panties one for a while and was planning to do a creampie on the panty thing, but they were not that comfortable so she took them off.. and after doing it a bit more, I came inside this slut's cunt.

I told her she would do great in videos but that she had to practice being on camera a bit more :)



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