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Name: Zoey Paige
Age: 21
From: XXX
Zoey doesn't need an introduction on the site as most of you guys already know her by now. I have been trying to help her set up a website but since I have been busy lately I have not been able to finish it. So this past week I went to Zoey's place to work on the website together and what not and maybe do some videos and pictures if time allowed. But I actually wasn't really planning on doing anything on video and I didn't even take my lights with me. But fortunately I did have my camera in my car so when Zoey suggested we do some "content" for the site before getting to actually doing the web programming part for the site, I just went with her wishes :) So we basically fooled around for a few hours and I filled her up with lots of cum that night. But we actually did work on the website itself afterwards so hopefully her site will be up in the near future.




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