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Name: Olivia
Age: 25
From: California
Last time I saw Olivia was exactly one year ago at her place when we did our last video. I remember I was a bit nervous because she had just started dating some guy and I was thinking in the back of my head that maybe that dude was going to show up right in the middle of my creampie. And similar scenarios HAVE happened to me in the past, so I have tried avoiding unnecessary risk when possible. But fortunately, everything went well and the next time I texted her, she was officially dating this guy so we lost touch since then. So it was a pleasant surprise when she called me up a few days ago to hang out, she basically split up with her guy and wanted to restart her site again. But instead of going to her place, I got a room nearby where we got together to hang out and do this video :) I don't know what happened but somehow Olivia felt much tighter this time than she did last year. And we had a good video but I did miss a big portion of it because I had the camera turned off without knowing. Sometimes I just get carried away and my brain just stops working.. I am sure that has happened to many of us..LOL.




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