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Name: Alexa Grace
Age: 19
From: Florida
Alexa is a hot girl that came to visit from Florida couple of months ago. She was out here looking for mainstream modeling opportunities but she also wanted to try the adult side for adventure. Alexa is tall, slender and very sexy so I was really excited to meet her when she emailed me about the site. We went to the hotel where she was staying and we got to hang out there a little before we started taking pictures. She actually wasn't 100% sure about doing a video like this since she figured some people back home would find out. But I told her considering mainstream celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, etc. have sex tapes "leaked" all the time, sex on camera is not the big deal it used to be like say 20 years ago. So she thought about it and figured why not, so we got to the room and we started to fuck around and I took these pics and video of the action. I fucked her for couple of hours before having to leave because she was meeting other "regular" model friends that night, but I will do her a lot more next time she comes out this way.. I can come in this girl several times for sure.




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