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Name: Farrah Flower
Age: 22
From: Florida
This was the second time I hooked up with Farrah when she was out here towards the end of summer. She really enjoyed doing her first video and she wanted to get together again for a second round. And I am not sure how but somehow most of her friends back home found the video that we did (without her telling them), so I might even get to meet some of her hot girlfriends in South Florida. Anyway, Farrah was staying at a hotel for a week near the beach and I went to visit her on the weekend. She was kinda bummed out that day because she had missed festival she wanted to go to, but I managed to cheer her up by taking her to Happy Hour and getting some food. So after catching up and what not, we went back to her place and we did this insemination video :) I'm hoping I can fly to Miami in couple of months and see if I can meet Farrah and her girlfriends down there for a creampie party! lol.




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