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Name: Madelyn
Age: 21
From: California
First of all I need to point out that this set was taken with a brand new camera when my main camera was in the shop. Since it was such "high end" camera, I could not figure it out so the indoor pictures are all blurry due to the settings. So sorry for the pictures. At least my main camera is back with me, so I'll figure out the new camera when I am actually NOT doing a shoot. Anyway, Madelyn is a transplant from the Midwest who has been living in California for couple of years. She first came out for modeling and school and after a while she was just busy doing her degree. But she recently decided to be more adventurous and asked on of her girlfriends about these types of shoots, so we ended up talking and setting up this shoot. She was a bit hesitant about getting cum inside her, but we waited for the "right" time of the month to do this. So after waiting couple of weeks, I finally got to meet her at a nearby park where we got to talk and take some pictures with my new big bulky camera. The park was actually crowded, so I couldn't really take more risque pictures and ended up going back to the place nearby where we did this video. Madelyn was eager and ready when we got to the room. So without wasting much time, I started to fuck her right away. We were in the room for a while and I ended up cumming inside her fertile pussy couple of times before going back to her place to drop her off. She also has a hot roommate that might want to try this, so I am working hard on that one :)




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