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Name: Keoloha
Age: 23
From: Hawaii
TheStory: Kealoha is a sexy and friendly Hawaiian girl who wanted to be on the site to try it out. She has never done anything like this but she had thought about it for a long time, just never thought it would be possible. But since she is single now and we are so accessible, she sent an email inquiring about how to be on the site and I ended up meeting her and talking to her about it. Unlike most other occasions, we met couple of times before we finally did anything as she understandably just wanted to be comfortable first. And after couple of weeks from meeting her, we got together to do these pictures and videos.

On of the main things that really intrigued Kealoha were the creampies. She wasn't on birth control when we first met and she found the risk exciting. But she decided to get on the pill just in case as she did not want to risk getting knocked up. She told me she normally has guys use condoms when having sex so this was really new but very exciting for her. So after getting couple of drinks at the restaurant, we went back to my place and we took these pics there and I did her until late that night. Since bare sex was new to her, not only turned her on but me as well so I came in her a few times and enjoyed every single second of it :)




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