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Name: Marry Lynn
Age: 19
From: Florida
TheStory: Marry Lynn is a very beautiful girl I recently met when she was visiting during her vacation. She told me she and couple of friends from back home thought of this crazy idea of doing sex videos while they were out here and they actually did it. She is not very typical in the sense that she is doing this mainly to have fun and doesn't want anyone in their social circles to find out but I obviously gave no guarantees since that's hard to control.

We first met at her hotel where she was staying and got to talk and hang out a bit. She is very educated with lots of interests, so it was good talking to her about stuff in general. She is the type of girl that gets more interesting with age, not because of her looks but because of the way she sees and experiences life. Not sure if most people will understand what I mean but I am sure many of you get what I am saying.

Anyway, after a long chat we headed back to my place and we had a great time doing these pictures and videos. I loved doing this girl so if she ever comes back this way (or me going to her city), I will definitely be doing her again!




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