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Name: Selma
Age: 19
From: Chicago, IL
TheStory: Selma is another college girl from Chicago that my friend referred me to. She was out this way on her summer vacation along with her mom but she managed to make some time to meet up. We had been in touch for quite some time but she only had a few hours to meet up, so I picked her up at her hotel around midnight and showed her around the city for couple of hours. We then went back to another hotel and I took these pictures and videos of her.

Selma is very sexual but she is just now entering her adventurous phase, so she hasn't been with that many guys. So you will see in the video that I had to be more careful than usual in the beginning as her pussy was very tight and I guess I was thicker than what she had experienced before. But once she got used to it, we started to fuck more comfortably and I made sure I fucked her good so she could have a nice memory of her vacation. She came a few times riding me and I came couple of times inside her and after couple of hours more, I drover her back to her hotel where her mom was staying and they left the morning after.




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