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Name: Erika Devine
Age: 22
From: California
Erika is a sexy girl who came to California not than long ago to enjoy what the West Coast has to offer. She came down to visit after sending me an email inquiring about being featured on the site. So I asked her to visit last weekend so I could show her how this whole thing worked. She told me she was really into being creampied but that guys usually don't want to because they're afraid of getting her knocked up. So when she came down, we went out to drink and eat and I was able to get her really excited about being on the site. She had done some modeling before but never anything like this, so she was nervous but also very horny thinking about it. But once we got to the hotel, we started to fool around and I started to fuck her right away. Erika was really into it and she kept telling me to cum inside her, so after doing her for a good 30-40 minutes, I shot a big load inside her hot pussy. And then kept fucking her more and more until I drained my balls again deep inside her. I am not sure when she will be back but if I make it to the place where she lives now, I'll fill her up again on or off camera.




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