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Name: Tia Thomas
Age: 20
From: East Coast
Tia is a half black and latina girl I personally found and creampied :) She was visiting California recently and I met her thru a friend. I told her she had a special look since she could pass for several ethnicities and that I wanted to feature her on my sites. So we went out for dinner to meet and talk and I ended up doing her back at her hotel room the first night I met her. The next day, I went to pick her up and took her back to my place where we did this video. She had a very nice ass and her pussy was very tight too, so it was hard for me to not cum several times in her. I fucked her all afternoon, went out to dinner together, and then fucked her some more at night for a total of 3 creampies inside her that day. The next day I took her back to the airport and I had not seen her since. Next time she is in California I am sure we will hook up again as long as she is not with some jealous guy.




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