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Name: Nicole Wonder
Age: 19
From: Prague, Czech Republic
I met Nicole in the summertime when I was in the Czech Republic visiting some friends in Prague. She is a hot girl who is also a dancer at a club by the central square of Prague and she wanted to try out being on my site after my friends told her that I was going to be visiting. She didn't speak that much English but I think we communicated enough to have a great time. When we first met we had to use the translator machine that I carry a lot. But after a while, we were ok and she was very horny to beging with. She told me she had broken up with a boyfriends months ago and that she had not had any sex in a while. She told me she got solicited a lot at the club where she dances at but that she is not into that. In fact, dancers in those clubs make money dancing and not sleeping with customers, which is a small tip most of the guys could use when they go to Prague. Guys tend to shower girls with money at these clubs only to be dissapointed in the end. Anyway, we got back to my place and we just started to make love. We were at it for a long time and I fucked her several times that night and then some more in the morning. But because I was supposed to be shooting videos with other girls, I couldn't do her enough on my trip but at least I got together again with her right before I left. She was just awesome..




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