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Name: Giselle Mari
Age: 20
From: New York
TheStory: Giselle is a smoking hot Italian American girl from New York who was recently out here visiting. I saw her pictures on a mainstream modeling site and then I found out she was open to nude modeling so we ended up getting in touch. Now, I knew this girl was hot but when I think she is hotter now than when I saw her. Not sure if it was her style or what but she is the type of girl you want to impregnate!

Anyway, we ended up meeting recently and we talked for quite a while before we did this video. She was telling me about her life back East and how she was open to doing more videos, etc. Soon after that, we went back to the hotel where I took these pictures of her and the video. I enjoyed myself a lot with her and loved fucking her hard and deep as she moaned in joy every time I would pound her. In the end, I came very deep inside her and for some reason the cum really went deep in her as it took a while for the cum to ooze out. So on the video you can only see a minor creampie but she was actually filled up full.




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