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Name: Jocelyn
Age: 18
From: Atlanta, Georgia
I first met Jocelyn earlier last year when I was looking for girls for my solo video site (that site has really served it's purpose). Back then she was very shy about the camera but at the same time excited. She was also horny and on the solo video, I remember she came before I could even leave the room so she could be by herself and the camera. So a few months passed and Jocelyn sort of blossomed in those few months. She went from innocent to very sexual in that time and I could see the change when she came to California this last time. So I told her that she should be on this site since she was ready for it and we went back to my place that same night. I did her a bit in the back seat of my car first and then I took her back home. Once at my place, I got her undressed and I shoved my cock inside her tight pink pussy again. I fucked her for about an hour on camera until I came inside her and then I fucked her until the next morning. She wanted me to fuck her ass too but it was too tight and she hurt too much so we had to abandon that plan unfortunately. Otherwize I would have cum inside her ass as well.. oh well, maybe next time.




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