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Name: Diana Doll
Age: 25
From: Slovakia
Just thinking about Diana makes me want to go jerk off. She is a hot girl from Slovakia that I've known for couple of years but never had on the site. I really can't figure out what is it about Slovakia but there are many hot girls over there like Diana. I met up with Diana tin the fall time when I was in Europe. We hooked up couple of times and I was planning to do the video with her the day after this actual video, she wasn't really ready as we had just come back from the square but she was lying on my bed and she looked so hot, I figure it would be best to do the video right then so people could see how she was without being dressed up, etc. So we started to fool around while she was in bed and then we just started to fuck. I did her for a while until I came inside her and then I did her a few more times that night and the next day. I tried doing her in the ass a little but she was too conscious to do it on video, many girls get embarrassed about it for obvious reasons. She was supposed to stay a bit longer but had to drive back to Slovakia so I didn't see her again. She told me she wanted to come to California soon so maybe she will come in the next few months so I can do her some more :)




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