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Name: Natalie Monroe
Age: 19
From: Houston, TX
Natalie is a beatiful girl from Texas I met couple of weeks ago on her vacation in California. I had been in touch with her for several weeks but could not fly out because of her school. But she managed to get a day off and she came out to check out the west coast. She was really nice when I first picked her up and went out to get some Ice Cream at my favorite place to show her a little around town. She was wearing these really tight shorts that showed her beautiful ass and that made a lot of people stare at the After that we got back to the hotel room where I took pictures of her and where we did this video. Natalie is so cute that she had me all into her and as you know I love women but Natalie really had me hooked with the way we had sex. We were at it for quite sometime on video and after we finished it, I kept fucking her overnight.. who wouldn't! I was supposed to see her again before she left but I came down with a cold. So I am really hoping she will take my offer to come visit again and next time I am taking this girl to the beach and other places as I'd love to fill her up for an entire weekend.




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