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Name: Danni Desire
Age: 22
From: Just moved to LA
If Danni Desire looks very familiar it is because she had me change her name for the site. Basically, her sexual exploration has led to this new persona and she now embraces her sexuality without limitation. She went from never seeing porn, which makes her about the only one whom I can think of that I have ever put on video that has never seen it to loving it. She told me she was so turned on after her last visit that all she could think of was to come back and have good long vacation with lots of sex. So she moved to CA for the a while to have fun and see if she can go to school here. Obviously, it was a pleasure to see her again as you will see on the video. She was even hotter this time and I loved getting together with her. We initially met at a nearby bar and then came back my place to take pictures. I was supposed to take some outside pics and vids but forgot my equipment so I guess we'll have to do this again soon :)




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