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Name: Lexi Star
Age: 18
From: Oklahoma City
Lexi is a girl from Oklahoma City that came to visit just this past week. She had emailed me a few weeks ago about being the site and I made arrangements for her to come out this way for a short weekend vacation. For Lexi this was her chance to see California and have some creampie fun while at it! Now as some of you guys know, I tell it like it is. And Lexi was sexy and pretty but she had a very tight pussy, so tight that my average sized cock was hurting right from the start. So this video is probably one of the shortest I've done in the last year or so as she was just simply in too much pain. Lengthwise I was fine as women's cervix is usually 6-7 inches but she couldn't take my girth.. so as much as I wanted to fuck her, I had to hurry on this one and cum inside her before she got too sore.




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