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Name: Winter Marie
Age: 22
From: Dallas, Texas
Winter Marie is a beautiful girl from the Midwest that came to California couple of weeks ago to enjoy our warm winter and have some fun. She has modeled for "sexy" type of photo shoots before but never really fully naked but what makes her very unique is that she has never even seen a porn video. A mutual female friend put her in touch with me but I still can't imagine how someone in this day and age has never seen porn on the internet.. strange but it worked out perfect for me since she got really turned on by the concept of the website. Winter is a really nice down to earth girl and we hit it off as soon as we met. Not sure if it's because she is from Texas (girls from there do tend to be nice) or her personality but we ended up talking for a quite some time before we got back to my place. By the time we got back to the room, she was excited about the whole thing so I just snapped some pictures and we started doing the video. And as you will be able to tell, I loved doing this girl.. technically, I love doing ALL girls but sometimes I enjoy myself more than others when the sexual chemistry is right as it was in this case. So after doing her for quite some time, I came deep inside her beautiful pink pussy and we just kept fucking after that. And it's too bad she lives so far but I am going to get together again next time we cross paths.




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