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Name: Carmen Caliente
Age: 19
From: Florida
Carmen is a hot girl from Florida whom I met a few weeks ago on her visit to the left coast. We had been in touch for a while and one thing that sets Carmen aside is aside from being very sexy and hot, I found her to be very smart as well so I had interesting conversations with her. Despite being only 19, she is mature for her age and I gave her some career advice (as in her profession after she graduates from school). I normally don't do that but this girl had something about her that I think will help her succeed in the future.. and no I am not talking about her beautiful Anyway, this is a sex video so I don't want to get carried away with other stuff. I must have talked to Carmen for about 3-4 hours before heading back to the place I got to do this video. And by the time arrived, she was already playful and horny. So while taking pictures, I couldn't help start fucking her a little since she really wanted it. I really enjoy talking pictures of her because she just has a very nice curvy body and had we been close to the beach, I would have taken her out and have her pose in a bikini. Anyway, after taking the pics we started to fuck and you can see how much we enjoy doing this hopefully I'll see her soon again, either back here or in her hometown in Florida later in the summer.




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