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Name: Allie
Age: 18
From: Florida
Allie is a beautiful girl I met in Fort Lauderdale, FL in August She is really cute and has a perfect body too. I didn't think she was actually going to model for me as she came across very shy but after hanging out with her for a while, I got to know her and basically got to do her. The original plan with Allie was to go to the beach and do a shoot outdoors, nude first and maybe if things were right do the action there too. However, when I was there, FL was surrounded by hurricanes (another just landed few days ago) so the weather was not exactly too good. But at least I got to take a few pics of her naked outdoors by the beach.. I've always wanted to fuck by the beach during the daytime, is such daring thing to do it turns me on. Anyway, here is Allie at my hotel room after the coming back from the convention. I took some pictures of her beautiful and flawless body first and then we started to fuck around. Then some friends got to my room and helped me with the camera work a but but this made Allie feel a bit self conscious so we didn't get to fuck as much but at least I came couple of times with her. Allie btw has a sister who wants to be on the site too, so maybe next time you see her it will be a threesome with her sister and me.. imagine, me and two sisters sharing a good cum load.. although I think I have to check if it's even legal to show two sisters having sex with me in one shoot. There might be so strange legality somewhere.




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