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Name: Alisha Adams
Age: 23
From: San Francisco, California
Alisha is a girl who was discovered by Tony’s assistant on a scouting trip she made to San Francisco and she ended up coming down to LA and getting together with her and Tony for the site. And recently she sent an email asking about being on one of the other sites again, this time the gb site since her boyfriend liked the idea of her being the center of attention. So we kept in touch and she came down to visit family a few days ago and we did this video. Obviously, I did not get all the guys together because it was an odd day of the week and Alisha had a short window of time in LA. I was only able to find one of the guys that worked 15 minutes from the hotel and we got to do her just the two of us. So we got the room for couple of hours and filled her up with lots of cum right literally right before going to see her family. Alisha is a wild girl and maybe next time I can set a bigger party for her.




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