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Name: Amber Simpson
Age: 21
From: California
Amber is a girl I met few weeks ago from a friend who referred me to her. She wanted to start a website for herself and she wanted to do content stuff with me, so I told her what sites I was managing and she wanted to be on all of them.. Amber is a sweet college girl who said wanted to try everything. I actually almost fucked her the day we met but couldn't because of my stones so I just took pictures of her naked at my place first. And since she was basically ready to start fucking plus her period was about to begin which is the best time to dump a load without knocking a girl up, I called up my friend to come help out. Amber loves cum deep in her but sometimes is afraid she might get knocked up as she is not on the pill. She uses the rhythm method so the only time she will let a guy cum in her are those few days before her period when she likes as much cum as possible in her. So perhaps I can creampie her myself on her next cycle. Anyway, she fucked and sucked like a good slut and I was really tempted to jump in.. I could her hear her juices while she got fucked and after getting fucked for a while my buddy dumped his load inside her.




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