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Name:Adriana Amante Part 3

The Story: This is a video I did with beautiful Adriana back when I was in the Midwest visiting. It was actually like almost 90 degrees I remember when I was there (which was not long ago) and to think that that area of the country blanketed with snow is unbelievable. Anyway, I've had a lot of fun every time I get to see Adriana and I told her in advance I was going to be in the area. So she took some time off work and we met up at the hotel where I was staying.

This woman is so damn sexy, I just love being deep inside her and cumming in her as much as I can. I just love fucking her. We first met up for lunch and she I could see she wanted to fuck. So I managed to feel her wet pussy and finger her at the local Bob Evans (like a Denny's rest). Then we just went right back to my room and we spent the afternoon together. It was so hot to feel her soft skin and fuck her over and over. I wish I could do her right now again actually.

I am not sure when we will meet again but I hope it will be a long term thing, I could never get tired of doing her.


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