My Mission

My goal with this website is very simple, to find and creampie as many girls as humanly possible. I know some people think I am crazy considering the consequences of cumming inside so many girls but I really enjoy doing this and I a firm believer in living life to it's fullest while is possible.

I grew up in the condom era where going bareback was never ok (guys who grew up in the 60's and 70's were very lucky), and I never really came inside a girl until my 4-5th girlfriend. I remember getting all excited about filling her with my cum and thinking about how my sperm would be in her for days and perhaps even impregnate her. Since then, almost every single time I am getting myself to cum, I always think of the same thing even when I am wearing condoms or cumming elsewhere. And as I got into the world of swinging and adult entertainment, I saw the opportunity to do this with a lot of girls. So I decided to put together this website and to my luck, I have been able to creampie a lot of beautiful girls.

As of today there are over 200 girls on the site getting a nice load and if I continue to be lucky, I will hundreds more in the future. My site is already the largest creampie site of it's kind and the largest POV (Point of View shooting style in porn lingo) on the internet. I've cum a long way since 2001 when I started the site with 5 picture sets.

Here is some basic information on me:

Name: Rick

Age: 30

Profession: Financial consultant, part time adult webmaster, full time fucker.

Location: California, Florida, Canada, Europe, and wherever beautiful girls need to have their beautiful pussies filled with cum.

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