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In a blink of an eye and half the year is already gone by, I sometimes wish I could slow time so I can enjoy more of life but I guess times flies when you're having fun. I am now in top fucking form again and I am ready for action. It took me 2/3 days to get over Tues night and the two weeks prior. That 18 yo girl really wore me out, next time I see her I am going to be better prepared so I can fuck her really good. I am also lining up a lot of girls for this coming week so it will be a busy one, I am taking a road trip to SF next week and that will be fun. Aside from that, my favorite soccer teams lost and I am a bit bummed out about it but I guess that's what makes the game exciting... the thing is, they got so close.. anyway,  I am adding Jayma's video today Click Here to See Her Gallery

Here is a girl that emailed me today that is curious about being on the site. She is two hours away but if I can get at least an "interview", I will drive down there and upsell to an audition. I mean, look that that sexy ass on her, anyone emailing pictures like these needs to get fucked good.

And here are couple of soccer fans.. makes me wish I was in Berlin right now.

I would lick the German flag off her.. she looks so pretty and fertile.. just beautiful.

Look at those nipples on that girl. I wouldn't be able to watch the game with a girl like that next to me. I need to head down to Buenos Aires soon. Argentinean women are HOT.



It's been only 4 days since I last updated the site but it seems like a lot has happened. My trip to MO was great, I ended doing the girl bareback and although I didn't cum inside her since she was so paranoid, I managed a couple of squirts in her. Then I flew back Sunday night and on Monday and Tuesday I "auditioned" couple of girls for the site which I ended up fucking and then last night I hooked up with an 18 yo girl from the net who turned out to be a nymphomaniac. So in all, out of the 15 days since I have been back, I've fucked 13 out of those days and I am actually in need of a break. I was already kinda tired by the time I went to pick up this girl last night for a date, but she caught me off guard by being such horny girl. She had me fuck her for over 3 hours, almost non-stop. And I couldn't stop fucking her (even though I was tired) because she let me fuck her everywhere, I even fisted her. I got home at around 5am and when I woke up I felt like I had run a marathon. So today I am taking a good break and staying away from pussy. Funny how life can be, at one point in my life (when I was 22) I went without fucking for over a year.


It's somewhat early in the morning (especially for a Saturday) and I am getting ready to go to MO for the weekend. I have some unfinished business (basically I have to cum inside this girl who wouldn't let me last time in case you're wondering). Thanks for the emails on the Greek stuff, as I suspected it is some guy named Peter in Greece who fantasizes about being impregnated.. some people really do have too much time on their hands.

Anyway, I've got to get me some pussy in MO so here is the video of Claudia from Europe taking it in her very tight ass... Click Here to See Her Gallery


I just got back from El Paso, TX and it was hot as hell out there. I was out there on business but I also visited a girl I started to creampie not long ago in Austin, so that was pretty good. I think if humans ever populate Mars, the cities would look like El Paso as that place was not meant for people to live in, all you see is rocks and desert. If it wasn't for air conditioning and water pipes, there is no way people could live in that heat.. anyway, I am getting off the subject here. The girl in Austin let me put her on camera this time, so I will have this update soon.


El Paso and Ciudad Juarez

I added pictures today of hot and horny Jayma, who came to visit me for a weekend and left with millions of my spermatozoids inside her ovaries.

Click Here to See Her Gallery

Also, if anyone can read Greek, I am trying to figure out if this is a female name or not: ΠΕΤΡΟΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ I am thinking of going to Greece to fuck this girl but I am not sure if this is a girl (she won't give me her phone number) or some gender confused jackass. Please email me at swinger1@gmail.com


I am now feeling 100% again. Jetlag is gone plus I've been fucking quite a bit lately, I came in three different girls since I last updated the site :) including this really cute college girl last night, and the only reason I stopped banging her was because I had to go see a movie (Nacho Libre - a Napoleon Dynamite type of film) with friends, otherwise I would have done her all night. I wanted to hook up with her again today but I didn't want to be calling because I don't want to sound desperate.

Anyway, I added the video of Loretta today. We're making on love on this one, this is how beautiful babies are made Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am back home once again and as usual dealing with the jet lag, I wish there was some sort of pill to take to get rid of it. But the jet lag didn't stop me from unloading some cum inside Trisha who was in LA last night, I love fucking that girl and I suspect she is pregnant too. Also, I am hard at work lining up some babes to do videos with and I am hoping to meet couple of babes in the next few days. One of them lives in New Mexico, so I might just take a trip out there next week to do this girl. Distance, I have decided, will not be an obstacle to my creampies.. wherever there is fine pussy to fill, my dick will be there.

Today I added pictures of Claudia, a hot Czech girl that needed sperm inside her tight ass.

Click Here to See Her Gallery

Camden Town, London

 Trisha last night before getting a load


I am in London at the moment and I am almost coming back home. I managed to fuck couple of girls from Newcastle (N England) right after the soccer game and it was pretty good. I emailed couple of girls to see if they would meet up with me to talk about modeling and stuff, but the weather is so nice now and everybody is so much into the world cup (including me - watching Argentina play as I write) that I'll just leave the pussy alone until next time I am here. And I am planning to cum back for more fine British pussy :)

Anyway, today I added the video for Linda. It's a different video because I wanted to get the "essence" of what really goes on during first meetings sometimes so enjoy Click Here to See Her Gallery


Ever since I recovered from the nasty strep throat I got last week, I have been catching up and stuff. And what that means is that I have been fucking like a mo fo. And not sure what got into me, but I am enjoying fucking and cumming inside girls asses  a lot lately, I guess it's a phase I am going thru.. lol. Berlin was ok, I got laid at the swing club with a friendly German girl who wanted to fuck and my friends, I guess the fact that we were all from America had to do something with it. We all fucked her with a rubber, but my friend found this other girl at the club and I guess his condom broke or something, because he did her bareback at the club and then fucked her ass too. Germans are pretty advanced when it comes to sex, so open I was watching American CNN doing a report on a FKK club in Berlin, the commentators found it hard to believe that all of this went on and that it was all legal. They even got a German feminist (I assume in hopes she would denounce it) but she said it was all good, as a feminist she was just concerned girls would not be taken advantage by pimps which to me makes a lot more sense than we in American where we have Vice squads wasting tax dollars on a victimless crime. They should just legalize it and tax it, but I guess we are too prude for that. At least I can shoot sex videos.

Anyway, I wanted to share some pics I took in Dresden and some of the upcoming girls.


Dresden City Center


Deep Anal Luvin

And today I added pictures of my last time with Loretta before she left home. I normally don't make love on camera, but I couldn't help it with this girl.


I am finally feeling a lot better, I was good enough to start fucking last night so I'll fuck as much as I can in the week or so that I have left here in Europe. I am currently in Berlin for the weekend and it feels winter like, but no problem as I am going to the clubs here and see what I can find. Also, I am trying to line up a hot chick from Hamburg but it's a longer shot.. I just hope she is for real.

Anyway, today I am adding the movie of the Gigi creampie  Click Here to See Her Gallery


It's been a bit over a week since I got here and I am still feeling like crap. In fact, I developed a strep throat in the last couple of days so I am getting rest instead of cumming into girls. I did do one video with a curvaceous babe but I was at 50% as my dick is going against what my body needs, which is some rest. So we'll see how it goes in the next couple of days and hopefully I will be well enough to be back in action by this weekend. I really hope I will as I will be going to Berlin with some friends to check out the clubs out there.

Today I added pictures of Linda, a horny girl who emailed me for a creampie. She is not really a swinger nor an adult model, she is just horny.


I've made it to Italy and I still haven't been able to shake off the jet lag nor a cough I got from all the flying. This time changes does really cause a strain on the body, so I am just loading up lots of Vitamins and getting some good rest this weekend. Next week, I am going to start creaming like a maniac :)

Today I added the video for Sunny getting a warm creampie in her Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am now in Europe after a whole day of flying yesterday (aprox 19 hrs including stops) and I am now just getting used to the time change. This time I am here for about 3 weeks and I will shooting some video here but mostly for the WCGB as some of the guys are coming and have been looking forward to it for quite a while. The readhead guy on that site has emailed me like 200 times in the last few weeks (it has gotten to the point where I just delete his emails and voicemails), I guess it shows how excited the man is. I will of course try to cream some girls myself as time allows, and hopefully some in England.. but we'll see. Even though I'm here 3 weeks, I am moving around so much is hard to concentrate on one place to get girls which is actually the best. My original plan was actually to go to Russia and other Eastern European countries but because everyone is coming, I can't do it until next time which hopefully will be in a few months. I don't think I know anyone that travels like I do, especially for pussy.

Anyway, today I added pictures of beautiful Gigi getting her pink pussy creamed. 


It's been a good couple of weeks and now I am getting ready to travel abroad on Monday. In a way I wish I wouldn't as I wanted to shoot some more video here in the US but it won't be that long of a trip anyway. I need to pack, make sure I don't forget anything, buy some travel stuff, and then do couple of creampies on video this weekend :) The girl I am shooting tomorrow is beautiful so I am looking forward giving her all my luv.

Today I added the video of Allison, whom btw I have been trying to creampie again but I've been out of town so much that we have not been able to hook up.. but one of these days.  Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am so good at this someone should give me an award. Since I the last time I updated, just few days ago, I managed to spend time in Dallas and Houston and now I am currently in Northern California. In Texas, I ended fucking my date in all her holes, I mean I owned her ass and I pummeled it and pumped it full of cum. It was non-stop fucking from the time I got there till noon the next day where I had to go to Houston to meet a girl that wanted to be on the site. However, that one  totally flaked on me at the last minute so I ended up driving for like 8 hours for nothing. I guess I got to see some Texan scenery. Then I came back on Monday to LA, got in on a gangbang with the guys and some girl from Tennessee and I flew into Northern California that night to meet the girl that had been texting me all week about how horny she was and how she needed to get fucked. And I ended up fucking her and creaming her too, plus I got it all on tape too :) And today, I am meeting another girl-friend who I usually fuck. So in all I have been a busy bee, and I still got a lot more coming up this week.. also, next week I am in London and then possibly Norway and other countries, so I don't know where I am going to find time to rest, but I am loving every minute of this. Like Hillary Clinton said about us Gen Xers, work is indeed is a 4 letter word.

 Here is the thank you for cumming letter from my Texan date:

"I'm really turned on to hear that you jack off thinking about cuming inside me. I enjoy it. I'm glad I got fixed so you can.

I hope to see you soon. I really enjoy sex. I'd screw all day if I could. I wish I lived closer to you. You are the best i've ever had. The orgasms I had when you were fucking me in the ass were really intense. I loved it. I'll be thinking of you."


This is the girl who had been teasing me all week with her text messages, getting fucked bareback and then getting pumped full of cum.

Ok, and now the update. I added pictures of Sunny getting a hot creampie in her.

Click Here to See Her Gallery


Alright, I made it to Texas for my date and I'll probably be here couple of days before going to Northern California for some more meetings. I've got to keep my fans happy :) Also, yesterday I creampied this really cute girl I met online just the night before, I was amazed on how fast it all took from meeting her online to fucking and cumming in her. Here is the picture she sent me first, you can imagine how excited I was when she asked me if I thought she could be on my site.

And on Tues I am hoping to fuck this girl and hopefully cum in her too. I'm not sure however if I will be able to video her.

Anyway, I have got to run. Today I added the video for Jamie Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am having "normal" visitors at my place so I can't fuck around too much these few days. But hopefully, I'll make up for it when I go to Texas this weekend. In case you're wondering what is up with all this national traveling, I told myself that I was not going to make distance an issue for me to fuck girls. So I am mixing national sightseeing with getting some nice pussy, I figure in case the girls falls thru, at least I can see a city I've never seen or haven't seen in a long time. My friends think is strange that I travel so much, but like I have always said, you only live once. And when girls offer me pussy, I drop everything to do what I do best.

Today I added pictures of pretty Allison, whom I was supposed to creampie in Texas. But she came to visit me first.


I made up my mind and I am going to Europe later this month, and if I have time I will make a quick stop in Texas as well. I have all these air mileage awards that I have to use before they expire, so it gives me an excuse to go travel and meet new girls too.

Today I added the video of Jane getting her pussy filled up Click Here to See Her Gallery


Today I got to shoot my load inside a Hustler centerfold (January 2006 to be exact).. yeehah! now I just need to find a Playboy centerfold and I'll be set (I've done Penthouse).


Once thing I realized I forgot was the amateur creampies anniversary, last month the site became 5 years old. It's a personal achievement for me as I never thought I would get this far doing this. People ask me often how did I start all of this, and I say it was all pretty much an accident. But the moment of conception was at a small gangbang party I was invited to back in the summer of 2000. One of the guys there ran a website that sold videos that he made himself, and he was telling me how he made enough money to pay for the party with just 2-3 videos he had shot years ago. So I thought to myself, if I could make a site and generate enough money to fund sex parties it would be ideal. And since I already had an online sex journal back then, I figure I'll just combine them. And the rest is pretty much history. This is literally one of those "if I can do it, anybody can" stories. I had zero background in computers, photo, videos, and much less building a website. But slowly I learned the website stuff in my free time and now I pretty much do all of it myself. And the best part is that I am at the point where I can hire people to do the time consuming back end work and dedicate myself to fucking and writing. In fact, I will soon just dedicate myself to fucking and trading/investing in stocks, one of my other hobbies. And finally  say buh bye to the corporate world forever. I wish I could thank the guy that I talked to, he has stopped operating his site so I don't know whatever happened to him.

And btw if you want to check my first ever site, it is at http://www.geocities.com/california_gb/ I remember how proud I was to build a website myself thru geocities.

Anyway, today I added pictures of my latest cum recipient, Jamie Elle.


I am having a somewhat quiet weekend and I will use the opportunity to install the home theater system that's been sitting in my living room for months. I am also  planning to finish some very important projects this coming week for my sites, mainly boring back end stuff but there is this new site where if I execute right it will bring a lot more pussy, and is not like I really need to meet a lot more girls but is just nice to have the option. I guess it is sort of like money, one can have a ton and still want more.. I guess greed is human. And in my case is more about pretty girls who can let me cum inside them than money. I don't know how am I ever going to stop doing this. I don't consider myself a sexual addict, I just LOVE women too much.

Anyway, I uploaded the video of slutty Meadow getting her cunt filled with sperm Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am taking a little break after a very busy two weeks and I am hoping to line up more creampie girls for the site. I've fucked a lot of hot wives and slut girlfriends plus I shot many black girls for creampies but I now have to catch up on this site.. it's a tough job but someone has to do it :)

Today I added pictures of Jane, a college girl who was acting out her "slut" fantasy by being featured on the site. Too bad she was a one time thing.. I would like to cum inside her again.


I just got back this morning from St Louis and my weekend was a success. It was not easy to do this girl but I'm such seasoned fucker that I ended doing her after talking to her a lot. However, I couldn't cream her as she was ultra paranoid about going bare, but still I had a great time and I wouldn't be surprised if I find myself out there again. Anyway, as promised here is the video for Valentina I forgot to upload Click Here to See Her Gallery


I made it to the "Show Me State" and I am in downtown waiting for my next creampie recipient (hopefully). Also, there is this convention here of multi level marketers who are 95% women, so if nothing happens with my date, I am going to hit the clubs/bars here later tonight as most of them look like bored middle aged women. Also, on Wed I did end up meeting the girl I was going to creampie and I shot cum inside her pussy, mouth, and ass. She had a strong creampie fantasy and after just 5 minutes of fucking her she wanted me to cum in her. But I took my time and gave her loads in every hole, and the most intense one was probably the one I shot in her ass as I really felt the load shoot hard into her ass. And because there were no cameras, I made sure all the cum was shot deep in her. The thought of her having all that cum in her gives me a hard on till today.

Anyway, due to my rush to the airport I forgot again to upload the video for today. So I will upload it when I get home tomorrow. I am not going to Chicago or NY because I couldn't get enough commitment to meet from couple of girls and I rather have a solid connection first before going all the way over there.. then again, I made it to the heartland of America for a 50/50 chance of doing new girl, that's pretty fucking crazy if I really think about it.


After coming back home I ended up fucking and creaming couple of more mature women and tonight I am meeting with that girl I missed few weeks ago who was on her period. Last time I saw her was years ago so I am going to make sure her pussy gets pumped full of cum to make up for it!! I'm going to fuck her in the ass too for being such internal cumslut. Also, I am going to the Midwest this weekend to meet another internal fan and I might end up in either Chicago or New York early next week, it will all depend on where I can unload my cum..

Anyway, today I am adding pictures of Meadow. A girl I was supposed to creampie about 3 years ago.. and that I finally creamed not long ago.


Ok I am back home and I am adding the video for Simony Click Here to See Her Gallery Last night I ended up jerking off.. nothing came thru but that's alright, I'll make up for it later tonight.


I am in San Francisco tonight and I am going to be checking out some clubs. I got laid last night (off camera) and I almost creampied her but she said if I wanted to cum in her so much then I had to wear a rubber so I could pretend.. I was like?? I am hoping any of the internet girls who emailed me a while back ago actually come thru. Most of the time, when girls email or call, it means they want to get fucked right away, as in the next 24 hrs. Once that period is over, the probability starts to go down especially with girls I meet this way. I guess worst comes to worst, I'll just try to fuck some slut at some club.

Today I was going to add Simony's video but realized that the video is still sitting on computer at home, so I'll add it tomorrow afternoon when I get back to LA.


Spring is almost here and I am feeling like taking off to somewhere else for a break, as I have been working non-stop since I got back couple of weeks ago (I work weekends too) and I still have a pile of stuff I have to finish. But when I am done, I will take a few days off to visit friends in other parts of the US. I haven't had a normal work schedule in almost 5 years and I love the flexibility I have. And speaking of 5 years, amateur creampies was started 5 years ago this month. Crazy how time flies, before I know it, it will be another 5 years. But gone are the struggles of a beginner, I pretty much got all my stuff together right now and things are going to get even easier.

Today I added pictures of Valentina getting impregnated (just fantasizing here..) in Hungary.


Ok, it seems like tomorrow or Monday by creampie drought will end. I didn't get a chance to fuck the girl on Thursday because she started her period (I'm not really a big fan of bloody creampies) so that will have to wait. And I just haven't been able to find a girl who will let me shoot some cum in her in the past few days. However, I think my luck will change tomorrow. And this time I won't talk about it so I won't jinx it. Also, I had the chance to edit some videos for WCGB and the guys fucked couple of hot wives I referred to the guys while I was away that took gang creampies. When they come up on the site, I will post as it is some good stuff.

Today I added the hot video I did with Lorena, whom btw I should call up soon so I can shoot some more cum in her Click Here to See Her Gallery


It has been a while since I have done a video and today I started again. I didn't get to creampie her because she was too afraid of cum in her but it was a good "warm up" and I am hoping to start doing creampies soon again. Also, tomorrow I am going to meet the girl who wanted to get a private creampie and I am going to start saving cum as of right now so I can give her a few cumshots inside of her. I'll take my camera with me anyway and ask her if I can at least take pictures of her body.

Today I added pictures of Simony, the first Hungarian girl I creampied in Budapest.

Click Here to See Her Gallery

Here is a picture of the slutty girlfriend I fucked today.. she is a total nympho.


I have been jerking off like a maniac in the past few days. I ended up meeting the hot wife the other night and it was great! I got to fuck her everywhere, including her tight ass (strange how I end up fucking more girls in the ass off camera than on camera) but she swallowed my cum instead of letting me shoot it inside her since she was in her most fertile period of the month and wanted to avoid any pregnancy risks. And after that night, I have been jerking off at least 2/3 times a day. Also, today couple of girls that I met thru my sites called me out of the blue. One was a girl that emailed thru this site that I ended up filling up many times couple of years ago and another one from last year, I guess springtime makes girls remember me. And I am meeting one of them Thurs eve and then the other girl in two or three weeks and again they are off camera girls, and maybe they'll ask me to fuck their asses too :)  these are the side benefits of running a site like mine. Bored girls email me to fuck them, incredible but very true.. I guess it makes up for those days in my youth when I had to work extra hard to get some pussy. As one gets older, it seems like pussy just starts flowing..

Anyway, enough of my ramblings.. today I added the video I did with sexy Francesca whom I had been fucking for like half an hour before the video actually started Click Here to See Her Gallery


Alright, I finally got back home and now is time to get back to reality and find some hot girls to creampie! I was supposed to go to Seattle this weekend but I am actually tired from traveling and I might pass on it or postpone it till a better time. And besides, I need to sit down and start finding girls since I have not been networking all that much in the past few weeks. I have to start making some calls and make some new friends too on cyberspace.

Also, I wanted to add some pictures from my Thailand trip. They are just regular travel pictures click here to see them.

And tonight I am going to meet a hot wife who is going to welcum me back :) no pic or video on this one. Today I added pictures of Lorena, a hot Latina babe I can't wait to fuck again..


I am almost coming back home and I am starting to get ready for Spring. There are lots of girls I need to creampie and I will be able to concentrate better now that I will be home, I think I will end up traveling to several cities within the US and a trip in a RV is not out of the question. I just need to manage my time and see how I would be able to pull it off.

Today I am adding the video of Trisha, who I really need to fuck again Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am again overseas but this time it will be for a week for my side job (which some might call the "real" job). I also got sick after all that flying and changes in weather but hopefully I will be fine by this weekend. And early next week I will be in the NJ/NY area visiting some "fans" whom I have been wanting to creampie for the longest time. I would like to shoot out there too but I don't have enough time.

Today I added pictures of beautiful and slutty Francesca getting her pussy filled up again.


I am coming back today home to stay for a day and then I'm off to work overseas again for a week and then I will have time to be home to get back to "real" work, which to me is fucking and cumming inside lots of girls :) Also, my server messed up the video file for Victoria, so I'll re-upload the video tomorrow night and add it.


Ok, it's official. I lost my Thai virginity with a Thai girl I met a few days ago. I met her at the beach but she is not exactly what I would call a "civilian". Still, I think we had really good chemistry and I've been fucking her almost every night for the last few days, her skin is so soft and her pussy so nice and tight. I haven't told her about the site since I have been fucking her with condoms anyway but maybe on my last day I'll tell her and see what her reaction is. I will also ask her if I can post some pics of her, we'll see.

Aside from my Thai girlfriend, I have a friend from Holland who is a major monger and he has taken me to all the places he likes. And the place is really like a sexual Disneyland, I have traveled far and wide and I have never really seen anything like this. The closest place I can think of is Amsterdam's red light district or the Ripperbahn in Hamburg. But Thailand has the beach resorts, nature stuff, temples, etc. So the country is a good place to visit too aside from the sex, so if you are interested in a nice relaxing vacation, I highly recommend Thailand and I'll be glad to give pointers if anyone is planning to come here.

Anyway, today I added pictures of beautiful Trisha getting her cunt filled with cum.

Click Here to See Her Gallery


It took me close to 24 hours from the minute I left my place to my arrival place in Thailand yesterday but I am here and I'm already enjoying my vacation. This is my first time here and I didn't really know what to expect, and  this place is pretty interesting. I am in a city called Pattaya, a beach city and it really is a good place to relax. The weather is warm but bearable, people are laid back and friendly, it's safe and everything is affordable. In addition this place is a like a whoremonger's heaven, literally. I thought there was going to be a red light district of some sort, but no, the entire place is full of bars with working girls and there is large number of single European, American, and Japanese guys who are here on a sex tour. Also there are other types of tourists but in a way they are misplaced, there are lots of Russian tourists here who were probably sold on a family vacation.

I have yet to visit a bar and my hopes in finding younger single female tourists are dim since the tourists are either single sex male tourists or Russian/Chinese/Indian couples and families. But I might be able to do some locals at a regular club, so we'll see. I am going out tonight to the discos to find some regular pussy and at last resort, the bars are very inviting. But even if I don't get any, it doesn't matter since this place is really worth a visit, great place for a sunny vacation.

Today I added the video for Cassie getting her tight pussy filled with warm cum Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am 5 hours away from boarding my plan to Thailand and I've decided to update the site early since I might not have connection to the net for couple of days. I actually still haven't packed either, which is so typical of me. Anyway, I got to run.. tonight I added Victoria from Hungary getting her hungry pussy filled up.

Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am now starting to get excited about my upcoming trip. I should be done with all my last minute errands by Monday so come Tuesday, I will be in vacation mode and ready for a 2/3 week vacation.. I really need one. Also, thanks for all the emails on tips on Thailand, seems like a lot of people have gone there already. I was trying to remember who I know in Thailand and I found a girl I used to creampie that moved there a while back, so maybe I'll get to creampie her again. I sent her an email not really expecting a reply since she got mad at me for something a while back, but she did reply  and she told me to cum visit her. I used to fuck her a lot about 5-6 years ago, few months before I launched this site. I would cum in her and fist her (she loved the whole getting getting fisted thing) so I hope she hasn't changed. I was looking thru some pics and here are a couple I took of me fucking her at the big park in San Francisco. I remember I pulled my windshield sunray reflector out of my car and laid it down so I could fuck her in the park.. good old memories.

Today I added the video of KC, which is somewhat short but you know the reasons behind it.. Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am so busy with life this week I barely have time to eat. In fact, I had to turn down some swinging girls because I simply do not have the time. And maybe once the traveling part calms down a bit, I will be able to relax. Right now, I'm actually stressed. I am leaving in less than a week to Thailand and other countries and will be out for 2-3 weeks so I have to make sure I creampie a lot of girls to stay ahead on the updates.. what a job I have. Below is a girl I really need to creampie, my semen belongs inside her.

Today I added pictures of Cassie, whom I want to fill with much cum as possible every time I see her.

Click Here to See Her Gallery


I've had a very productive week so far and it is not over yet. I have been fucking almost everyday and although I didn't creampie everyone, I am pretty satisfied. It's almost like going to a good buffet and getting all that you can eat, I love it.. Also, I am scheduled to go to Thailand in couple of weeks so that will be cool. This will be my first time there so not sure what to expect. The one thing I do know is that going to Bangkok to bang hos is not the safest thing, specially trying to creampie them so I am going to stick to tourist places and see if I can do some "normal" local girls or tourists (which btw are the easiest girls because they are away from home and are looking for some excitement).

Here are couple of pictures of Lorena from couple of days ago. This girl took me to ass heaven and back, and you guys know how much I love beautiful asses..



Anyway, today I added the video of Yasmine from Europe Click Here to See Her Gallery


I ended up meeting with KC (the pregnant girl) on Monday and I finally did my first and most likely last pregnant creampie video, at least with a girl that is very visibly pregnant. I was very curious about doing this for the longest time but I felt strange while doing it, I felt guilty. Even though she told me in advance she was hornier than ever and that she needed to get a good fuck. But how could I do that? it was physically and mentally impossible for me to fuck her like I do to other girls. Her pussy was very tight (almost virginal tight) and it was hotter than usual so it was easy to cum in her. But I found myself almost in a paternal mood so I didn't do her as long as I had been imagining. And since I am talking about it so much, I decided to put up the pictures today.

Click Here to See Her Gallery

Also, here are some of the behind the scenes footage. I'm trying to add clips to it of stuff I find interesting or funny,


I have been in touch with this girl that is pregnant and that wants to be on the site. So if she manages to come to LA next week, I will do my first pregnant (visibly pregnant that is) creampie. And who knows, maybe I'll like it and creampie her every month until the 9th month. And then repeat the process! lol.. Here is the picture she sent me.

Today I added the video for Lacie Heart getting filled with luv juice Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am back home again and I unfortunately had to skip NJ/NY because the snow decided to arrive at the same time I was flying in. So I missed out on pussy there, but it's ok. After I'm done travelling for the next couple of months overseas, I will fly out or maybe even drive out (I'll write about this plan later on) to the NE and make sure I get to cum inside those girls. I had to "fans" lined up and ready to go, they were not going to be on camera but just the fact that they were horny from seeing the site made it more exciting for me.

Also, here are some of the pictures of my stint into the heavyweight rank. This is the girl I fucked on Thurs in Florida. And for those who might worry about a change of format, do not worry, I'm staying in the featherweight/lightweight division.

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I'm in Daytona, FL getting together with a hot wife and I am going to fill her up with cum. I also got together with the plump girl in Hollywood and she turned our really plump, it was interesting from the variety perspective and I enjoyed fucking her. However, she wouldn't let me creampie her because she didn't want to be a mom just yet..

Anyway, got to run to do the hot wife. Today I added the video for Electra Click Here to See Her Gallery


I'm coming back the US today and I had work productive (but not creampie productive) trip. I think I'm going to visit a swing club tomorrow in the Ft Lauderdale and hopefully fuck some hot girls. Then on Thurs I'm supposed to be meeting up with this 18yo girl from Hollywood (FL) who wants to be a porn star. So this will be a chance to audition her and maybe cum in her too. She would fall in the "fan fucking" session as she is plump, I mean real plump, but she is pretty and one of the things I enjoy the most is "auditioning" girls so this will be good and it will also be my first set for the bonus section.

I am also doing a hot wife later this week. And if I get lucky I'll find a girl for this site too but I haven't found someone yet. I need to put on my cape and go find some hot girls who really need to have their pussies filled up.. (a member suggested I was his hero and I that I should be wearing a cape by now, which I thought was pretty funny). In a way is sort of true, no one knows what I do in my "normal" life. All this fucking around happens in my alternate life. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance that some people that I know are familiar with the site but don't have a clue it's me.

Anyway, today I added pictures of beautiful Lacie Heart getting filled with joy.

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I am about to come back to the US to start my E Coast tour and I've been working the internet for pussy. I haven't gotten any pussy for a while and I even started to experiment to see how many days I could last without cumming. And one thing I discovered is that my balls actually start to hurt after a few days, so I gave up my experiment couple of days ago and resumed j/o a healthy twice a day and I feel fine now. Anyway, I sent a bunch of emails to girls in the E Coast and I'm hoping for good replies. I am hooking up with girls off camera because they don't want to be on the site but since I have my camera with me, I want to shoot something too.

Also, I am contemplating a new section of what I could call "fan fucking", basically girls who can be on the site but only with a mask or girls that don't fall in the same category as the girls I usually feature. It would be a bonus section and in it you will see a lot of variety. For instance, I love fucking plump girls once in a while as well as all types of girls (how in the world can any man say no to free pussy being offered??) so this could be fun.

Today I am adding the video for Valentina  Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am now overseas again but this time I am doing my "other job", so no cumming inside lots of girls this time. I am taking it easy for few days and will be back to the US sometime next week. I am planning to visit Florida, and possibly New Jersey and Chicago and the only reasons I will be making these stops will be to meet girls and to hopefully fill them up with joy :) So we'll see how my little adventure turns out, I just hope it won't be too cold in NJ or IL.

Also, I am arranging a big gangbang for a horny swf 28 wanna be gangbang slut in LA. If you can make it, you are welcome to come and drop loads in her or on her. She is screening applicants at elastica88@aol.com so send a face picture and a your stats and make sure you write down you saw the announcement here.

Today I added pictures of Electra. A hot Hungarian woman whose gave me a hard on just smelling her..

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I am almost on my way to the airport and this time I'm making sure I didn't leave anything behind. And I will probably stop by Florida and Chicago on my way back. I want to visit some friends and perhaps I might be able to shoot too, so I'm taking my camera with me.

Last night I had this hot wife from South Dakota at my place and it was a fuckathon.. I didn't creampie her but the sex was really good, so today I'm a happy man and I can go for a few days without any.

Today I added the video of Loretta, enjoy! Click Here to See Her Gallery


I got together with Cassie on Sunday as planned as she does have indeed the tightest and most pretty pussy around. And I hope I can see more of her, the problem is that she is all the way in Las Vegas.. she kinda of reminds me of a girlfriend I had few years ago. I am also getting together with a girl I found online tomorrow to creampie her so it's been a  good week so far. Also, it is time again for me to leave town so I will be gone for couple of weeks on an overseas assignment.

Today I added pictures of Valentina, a very nice Hungarian girl I met just two months ago in Budapest.

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I had a very productive week as far as getting things done but I haven't really done a good creampie in a while but tomorrow I might hook up with Cassie, a very hot blonde I had on video when she was 18 (she is now almost 21). And I'm very much looking forward to her as I think she has the most beautiful pink tight pussy that I have ever seen.. and I mean ever. So I hope she comes thru, I love fucking that girl.

Anyway, I am on my way out to dinner with some "normal" friends and I'll be pretending to be normal tonight.. hope they'll bring some hot girls. Today I added the video of Liz from Hungary  Click Here to See Her Gallery


I cleaned out my closet at last, it was a half day project but I got it down and somehow I managed to squeeze the dvd machine and other stuff in there. And I took the time to scan some of the pictures I found. I had forgotten about these actually. There were taken couple of years before I bought a digital camera. I also have video but I have no way to blur faces so I can't post them. I remember I started to shoot video when I was 18 so I have a pretty good collection. If the internet would have been around then, I would have had a site much earlier.

Here's a creampie pic I found in the closet, to see other pics click the link.

More Personal Pics

And today I added pictures of beautiful Loretta, one of my favorites.

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I'm having a much needed somewhat quiet weekend and I'm using the time to clean out my closet. I bought a DVD replicator machine which I hope to install inside the closet and crank out DVDs for sale. I found lots of stuff in my closet I had not see in years, pictures of girls I fucked a long time ago, etc. I would like to post these pics but I would have to scan them and if any of these girls find out they would probably get pretty pissed off.. so I'll just keep them private. I am also getting ready for next week to start shooting video and I need to get on the computer to "fill the funnel" with creampie leads (if you are in sales, you probably now where I'm coming from) and make sure there is a constant flow of new pussy to inseminate.

Also, some girl emailed me today about having a sex party and she happens to live in my neighborhood. So I suggested we meet for drinks/coffee and maybe I'll get really lucky tonight and fuck a complete stranger :)

Today I added the video for Sunny Lane Click Here to See Her Gallery


I got back couple of days ago from the Vegas convention and it was a somewhat productive convention. I was hoping to do creampies over there but ended up doing just a couple of sluts who were hot wives. But I did meet some other girls that I am hoping to hook up eventually here, so we will see.

I had a regular date come over last couple of nights and I had to depornify my place for porn evidence and I think I should start thinking about getting a studio or another place to do shoots and another place where I can bring regular dates/people.. it was actually stressful and she almost played a dvd I had lying around of me fucking Alektra so this time I got lucky but I will avoid a next time.

Anyway, I am adding pictures of beautiful Liz from Hungary.

Click Here to See Her Gallery


I'm at the convention and I am getting ready to do couple of shoots. There are so many people here is hard to talk to some of the girls. But I'll go to some parties tonight and mingle with some of the girls running around. Today I added the video for Hannah  Click Here to See Her Gallery


I am barely getting over my jet lag (I went to bed at 3am and was then wide awake at 5am) but I am already back to work. Last night I did my first creampie of the year with new cummer Lacie Heart and I was so horny after the first creampie I ended up cumming four more times afterwards. And now I am getting ready to go to Vegas for the convention to look for more girls to inseminate.

Today I added pictures of Sunny Lane, a Southern girl I creampied couple of months ago.

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Happy New Year! I just made it back home and I am glad to be back. Like I said before, one of the best things about going on long trips is coming back home, I like the feeling. And I am already planning creampies in the next few days. For one, I got a hold of Aurora Snow who is not exactly an amateur but a girl that I have been trying to do for the longest time and I've been in touch with her. So the plan is to meet up with her at the convention and hopefully take it to the next step.

Anyway, I added the video for Christie Lee today. I meant to add it last week but I didn't have the stuff with me. Click Here to See Her Gallery