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This Week's Premiere

Name: Jocelyn | Age:18 | From: Atlanta, Georgia

The Story: I first met Jocelyn earlier last year when I was looking for girls for my solo video site (that site has really served it's purpose). Back then she was very shy about the camera but at the same time excited. She was also horny and on the solo video, I remember she came before I could even leave the room so she could be by herself and the camera. So a few months passed and Jocelyn sort of blossomed in those few months. She went from innocent to very sexual in that time and I could see the change when she came to California this last time. So I told her that she should be... MORE

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Victoria Paradise

Name: Diana Doll
Age: 25
From: Slovakia

Just thinking about Diana makes me want to go jerk off. She is a hot girl from Slovakia that I've known for couple of years but never had on the site. I really can't figure out what is it about Slovakia but there are many hot girls over there like Diana. I met up with Diana tin the fall time when I was in Europe. We hooked up couple of times and I was planning to do the video with her the day after this actual video, she wasn't really ready as we had just come back from the square but she was lying on my bed and she looked so hot, I figure it would be best to do the video... MORE

Name: Dara
Age: 18
From: Europe

I met Dara back in the summer time when I was in Europe traveling around. I was on my way back to Frankfurt I remember and I had to meet Dara just a few hours before my train departure. I met her thru a friend and she wanted try doing a video more for the adventure than anything else. She had sent me a few pictures of her before meeting me and I was just mesmerized by her big juicy tits. In fact, I had jerked off the the night before imagining cumming inside of her. I met her the same day I did this video given the rush I was in. I drove to her city to pick her up ... MORE

Name: Aurora
Age: 19
From: Florida

Aurora is a girl I met last year when I was in Florida. I was supposed to do a video with her in Florida but she changed her mind about it but we still kept in touch. She is a very cute girl who is just basically looking to have fun but she is more of a "now" girl, meaning her plans are usually fluid. But eventually I managed to convince her to fly out to California to do some magazine modeling and a solo video for me. She was staying at my place when she was visiting and once she felt more comfortable (and horny) we ended up... MORE

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