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Name: Michelle Wild Age: 21

The Story: Michelle is a pretty friendly girl I met at one of the nightclubs in downtown Prague. She is a nude dancer and when I first saw her on stage, I thought she had a really nice body and a beautiful pussy. So I asked her to do a private dance for me and while at it we started talking about why she was in Prague, her life in Poland, etc, etc.

I told her about my little "hobby" and she thought it was funny I had a website of me fucking girls. I got her number that night and went out with her few days afterwards. We had a great time going out so I asked her if she would come model for me that night and she agreed. She said as long I wouldn't put her on a video store or something too visible, she would do it for me.

So we went back to my place to do the shoot. While driving back, we started to fuck around in the car and she started blowing me all along way. She was all wet by the time we got to my place and I couldn't help fucking her a little in the car (not sure how I managed, European cars tend to be ultra small).

I then took a few pictures of her and after couple of minutes I started to fuck her pretty pussy... which was so pink and beautifully shaped. Her pussy was all juicy  and all I could think about is how many times I would be able to fill her up that night. And after fucking her for a while I came inside her juicy pink pussy.. I then got my own cum, put it on my cock and used it as lube to fuck her again and again..

I am such lucky fuck :)


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