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Name: Katerina  Age: 22

Location: Spain

The Story: Katerina is a girl from Barcelona, Spain who was in Eastern Europe for few months. She is a college student and I met her thru Michelle, since she also dances at the same nightclub as Michelle. Katerina has done adult modeling before and she was excited about being on my site, she told me she had not had a creampie in almost a year and to have one of camera excited her.

So I invited her to my place to check out the girls that I took pictures, etc. and she basically told me she wanted to do it right away as she was horny for cum inside her pussy. She was wet when I started to take pictures of her and she kept on rubbing her clit while I was getting the camera, so after a few pictures, I started to fuck her juicy pussy.

Now, her pussy so tight and nice that she basically made me loose control.. and I consider myself pretty good at holding my cumshot for a long time, but after sticking my dick in that pussy, she started to do something with her pussy muscles or something and I basically came in her after a few minutes of fucking her.. I came a lot, just like she wanted it. And after taking a little break, I kept on fucking her to do another creampie.




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