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Name: Hannah
Age: 20
From: California

The Story: Hannah is a girl that visited me from Fresno couple of months ago to get her pussy creampied on camera. She sent me some pictures asking me if she "qualified" to be featured and I called her up right away. I wanted to actually drive to Fresno that same day she emailed to go fuck her but I came to my senses after a few hours (Fresno is about 3 hrs away with no traffic). So I kept on chatting and talking to her until she came down to So Cal to visit me.

Hannah enjoys sex a lot and loves to show off too. But aside from that, she is also a funny and down to earth girl. I had good time just talking to her actually and despite being 20 yo, she has been around and seen quite a bit to my surprise. She is also going to school and working a full time job so she is a busy girl.

Hannah came down on the weekend and I went to pick her up at the airport. She was wearing a short mini skirt and she was very happy to meet me. And after getting in my car I noticed she didn't  have panties so I really had me going. We started to make out in the car, I licked her pussy for few minutes and managed to fuck her a bit too before getting out of the LAX parking structure. We then went to get something to eat at the Universal city walk and I showed her around a bit. And after we did the sightseeing we got back in the car and I fucked her again before taking her back home to make this video. I made sure I didn't cum so that I would have a decent creampie but after fucking her for few minutes in the car I really was ready to bury my cum inside her pink pussy. 


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