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Name: Hailey Age: 19

Location: Nevada

The Story: Hailey is a girl I met online thru one of my other websites. She had some submissive fantasies she wanted to act out so she ended up driving down to LA from Las Vegas to meet up and she ended up staying the whole weekend.

Hailey has a "slut fantasy", being a conservative girl most of her life and growing up in a very strict family made her fantasies get pretty wild and now that she is an adult she is pretty much going all out. She never thought she would be on a website having sex but this was part of the "training" I put her thru and here she is getting fucked really good and being a nice creampie slut for me.

Hailey has a beautiful face and looks very innocent too. Here she is at my place after getting fucked for hours the night before getting it from again. After going out for breakfast, we came back home and we started to fuck around. I took some pictures of her and then she started to suck my cock.  Hailey knows how to suck cock as she is very natural and when those beautiful eyes look up it makes any man want to blow a load all over that pretty face. But I held on and I turned her around and started fucking from behind. She was a bit sore from the night before so I had to go a bit slower on her but nonetheless, I fucked her good for a good while.

And after doing her for about an hour, I got her on my bed and shot my cum inside her pink wet pussy. I ended up shooting it deep but then it came all out dripping down her pink pussy lips.




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