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Name: Hailey Holiday
Age: 22
From: Chicago, IL
TheStory: Hailey is a girl I met few months ago when I was in Chicago visiting friends. I was there only for a short time and I tried to meet up with Hailey to do a video but we didn't get a chance to do it since I had to leave. But we kept in touch and she finally decided to come out to visit and take a short vacation, so I got to show her around on the weekend and do her as well.

So couple of days after she got to LA, we ended up doing this video at the hotel where she was staying with her friend (who almost joined). It was a little strange for me to do her while her friend was watching (she wanted to watch and see if she could do it too) but in the end I ended up focusing on what I was doing plus she let me finger her pussy in between takes. I ended up fucking her for a little while and made sure I gave Hailey a good load deep insider her very tight pussy. And not sure if I'll visit Chicago again this coming year but if I do, I'm definitely doing her and her friend again..




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