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Name: Samora
Age: 18
From: Ontario, CA

TheStory:Taking a tutoring job at a private university here in the LA area, has been the best thing that Tony did in order to meet a variety of young, wild, and willing girls to creampie. He tells me that the best time of the year is either at the end of the school year when girls want to do something wild before leaving or during the start of the school year when girls are away from home for the first time. Winter is the worst time since most girls are thinking of going back to their families for the holidays and acting the good girl role. Anyways, a new batch of college girls have just moved into the dorms and are getting settled in for the year and already Tony has had his first girl of the school year.

Tony met Samora while giving a campus tour to the new incoming class when she asked where in town she could get a tattoo and piercings; Tony knew this girl was looking to do all the things her parents told her NOT to do when in college. He pulled her aside and asked her if she would do adult modeling now that she was 18 and free. At first she was hesitant but when Tony said that he would have a female assistant there to keep things safe, she agreed.

During the photo shoot, Tony asked about Samora’s past sexual experiences and he found out that she had always wanted to get creampied but that boys her age were too scared of knocking her up. She said she wanted to try everything sexually and experiment while in college; that’s when Tony’s assistant brought up the idea of having a threesome so that Samora could experience girl/girl sex, a threesome AND finish up with creampie. Samora agreed but you can tell in the pictures and videos that at times she was overwhelmed. Tony and his assistant took turns and shared Samora until they got Somara to climax a couple of times; after they were sure that she would be back for more, Tony pumped his seed into Samora’s teen pussy for her first ever creampie.

Amateur Creampies

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Amateur Creampies


Amateur Creampies

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