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Name: Kim
Age: 18
From: Newport Beach, California

TheStory: Kim is a hot girl that moved to California from Michigan for school. And few weeks before coming out she had been looking on the net to see what trouble she could get in and found our site. She was considering having an actual sex party with her as the center of attention but she changed her mind after thinking about it. And instead, I went to pick her up at her dorm and took her to a nearby place to hang out and talk. And once she got comfortable, she let me do whatever I wanted. So I took some pics and then fooled around with her in the car before taking her to a nearby hotel to do this video.

She looked a lot like someone I know but 20 years younger, which made the experience even more interesting. If you know Lake Russell from New Zealand, then you'll know what I am talking about.. anyway, I played with Kim for a while at the hotel room until I came couple of times and then she took me back to her dorm to introduce me to her roommate. Who was in shock but intrigued at the same time at what we had just done..too bad I couldn't convince them to get together but oh well, you can't always have it all.

Amateur Creampies

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Amateur Creampies


Amateur Creampies

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