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Name: Alyssa Branch
Age: 18
From: Los Angeles California

TheStory: So last week while talking about the fresh, hot 18 year old Tony creamed, he mentioned that I couldn't have picked a better location to have started this site. He is still amazed at the continuous stream of girls that come out here to try to make it big even though the chances are so slim. This was the case with this latest girl, Alyssa who just arrived here 3 months ago and has dreams of being famous or infamous. She told Tony that she is willing to do anything to get what she wants and loves being in front of the camera.

Tony offered to help her build her portfolio by helping her with her nudes and also helping her with a short test video. After waiting and giving her plenty of compliments and not trying anything before the right moment, Tony asked Alyssa if he could touch. Alyssa took a moment to reply but then seemed to be more open.

After feeling that Alyssa was getting warm and would be receptive to doing more, Tony had her sit so he could close the deal by giving her oral sex. That did the trick; Alyssa got worked up and wanted to go all the way even though Tony told her he had no condoms to use. Tony banged Alyssa for a good hour before finally implanting his seed in her young pussy without regard to whether or not she's on birthcontrol. I guess we will find out in a month.

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Kara Finley Amateur Creampies


Kara Finley Amateur Creampies

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